What do slurpee’s, 7 Eleven and the IRS have in common? As of April 6, 2016 individual taxpayers can now enjoy a slurpee at a 7 Eleven while they pay their taxes (with cash!). Could this be in correlation with the booming marijuana industry? Hard to tell, but the IRS traditionally turns a blind eye to illegal activities as long as they can collect taxes on the activities (Al Capone is a classic example). Seeing as most if not all marijuana dispensaries are having a tough time getting their cash into banks with FDIC regulations, this provides a slick alternative to pay taxes with cash.

Albeit there are a multitude of reason why it will be beneficial to offer alternate channels to pay taxes, it is yet to be determined if this (like many other recent IRS moves) will lead to taxpayer fraud and ultimately cost the country billions of dollars. Maybe July 11th will be the new tax deadline – free slurpee when you pay your taxes. Read more here